Why You Should Visit Tulum Things To Do See And Eat

It may not look an interesting place but, before making your final decision, read our reasons why you should visit Tulum. You may change your mind! 

Riviera Maya is one of the most visited areas of Mexico, most of the tourist choose Playa del Carmen or Cancun to spend their vacations. Personally, we are not super fans of this part of Mexico. We love the Oaxaca region, that is much more authentic. Well, after this introduction it may sound unreal but, we ended up living in Tulum for a month! Here we will tell you why you should visit Tulum at least once in your life. 

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At first glance you may think that Tulum has nothing to offer but, at the moment we stepped outside the bus we both felt the good vibes that accompanied us during the entire stay.


This former sleepy fishing village has become very quickly one of the most popular destinations in Mexico. Nowadays Tulum offers so many things to do, and it can become your base to explore the surroundings.

We spent most of the time in the main village, away from the luxurious hotel’s area on the seashore. All the beauties around are easy to reach by bicycle or with a collectivo from the city center.


Renting a bike is one of the best option to explore the area. Most of the main attractions are located a few km away from the city center. Beautiful cenotes, ancient ruins, and white sandy beaches are easily reachable with a bike.

There are several renting places in town, we’ve been volunteering for Chill Inn hostel and they have pretty decent bikes to rent.


The Yucatan peninsula is also very famous for its incredible cenotes. One of the reasons why you should visit Tulum is because there are so many beautiful cenotes around the city than you need several days to discover them all.

Some very accessible are cenote Calavera, Escondido, and Crystal.
Cenote Calavera (skull) is very close to the town and has an entrance fee of 100 MDX. As the name may suggest, this skull-shaped cenote has a big main hole, with two smaller ones aside, where brave people jump into It.

Cenote Escondido and Crystal are one across the road to each other, and they are both beautiful. The entrance for the two is 130 MDX. As Chill Inn guests you get a discount, so we paid 80 MDX! Cenote Escondido has a nice pick-nick area and a beautiful trampoline while cenote Crystal looks is a long beautiful pool with a super exciting swing.


Batey, located in Calle Centauro Sur, offers the best mojito we have ever tried. There are several variants of this popular cocktail on the menu but, if it is your first time, then try the original one. At Batey mojito are sweetened with sugar cane juice, freshly pressed before your eyes. A piece of fresh sugar cane comes with the cocktail so you can chew it: there is not a better way to finish your drink! The prices in Batey are slightly higher than the others in town but is definitely worth it. This popular bar also organizes events such as live music and movie projection. Cheers!


Are you also tired of listening to the same reggaeton music over and over again?! Mezcalina Bar in Calle Beta Nte. offers a great alternative. The bar itself is really nice and well decorated (also by us ?). Reggae events are often organized, with artists from all over Mexico and Latin America. Great people, great atmosphere, good vibes. A bit of fresh air in the music panorama.


Tulum offers many different alternatives, so you can find any kind of food in a walking distance. We had great street tacos, unforgettable fish, tasty pizza and delicious hangover food (you’ll need that, trust us). Just to mentions some places, we would recommend Taco el Ñiero if you want to try the best taco in town (local approved). Sabor de Mar offers a delicious fish meal at a very reasonable price, quickly became one of our favorites. 

Oja Verde has nice vegetarian and vegan options. At Bacaro you can eat a really good pizza, a bit fancy but we can guarantee the quality of Italian ingredients. Tekno taco stays open until late, so it is the perfect spot to get some quality food after your party night.


You can’t visit Tulum and leave without partying hard. There are many places to enjoy the nightlife and find new friends. 

If you want to stay in town check out Calle Centauro Sur, the most popular and touristic little road where most of the bars are. In the hotel, area visit Ice Cream Bar for its famous happy hours with 2×1 margaritas! If you like Tekno music every night, you can dance on the roof terrace of the Hostel Tulum.


Few kilometers far from Tulum there is the Kaan Luum lagoon. We shared a taxi between other friends for a super reasonable price. To save some money we asked the taxi driver to drop us on the main road and then we walked a little bit to get to the main entrance.

The price is 50 MDX and it closes early in the afternoon. So in order to enjoy this magical place, we suggest going in the morning. The water here is crystalline and warm. In the center of the lagoon, there is a gigantic cenote, only visible from above. 

Pro Tip: Due to its warm and shallow water, Kaan Luum is perfect families. We strongly suggest avoiding weekends because it will be REALLY crowded. 


One of the most important reasons why you should visit Tulum is to enjoy Siankaan Biosphere.

In town, you’ll find plenty of tours, but we decided to do it on our own. We rented a car with some other friends, packed it with food and beers and we hit the road.

Pro Tip: If you are planning to do the same you have to rent a 4X4 car with insurance. And most importantly you should tell to the car rental agency that you are going to Sian Ka’an. 

The way to Punta Allen is extraordinarily beautiful. It could be a challenging drive, but very funny at the same time. Super bumpy roads with beautiful scenery. With your own car, you have the possibility to stop by every little beach along the way. 

Punta Allen is a sleepy fisherman village where you can find several agencies offering you boat trips to explore the Biosphere. We decided to find a beautiful spot on the coast and chill instead.

Sian Ka’an is a unique natural attraction to visit in Mexico, totally worth a visit.


Playa Paradiso is the main and only public beach in Tulum. It is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the sea. Playa Paradiso is located right next to the ancient ruins and the main access is from Santa Fe restaurant.

Unfortunately, the coast near Tulum is affected by the seaweed problem. Sometimes it gets so serious that is hard even to stay on the beach for the strong smell. 

Another interesting spot along the beach is the Eufemia restaurant. It not only serves delicious tacos, but it has its private access to the beach. Just order a taco and a beer and spend the rest of the day relaxing on the beach.


The hotel area is absolutely the fanciest place near Tulum. There are beautiful boutiques where you can check, great restaurants, exclusive hotels and fancy people around. You can go there by taxi, bicycle or with a microbus from Parque Rotario.

We strongly suggest to visit Azulik art gallery and sneak in the resort aside. One of the most beautiful hotel we have ever seen. Somebody will kick you out for sure, but you can still have access to their incredible boutique. A labyrinth of natural elements and beautiful clothing.

This is probably enough to convince you Why You Should Visit Tulum at least once in your life.



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  1. Your drone pictures are jaw droopingly beautiful! I was in Tulum a year ago and loved loved loved it (everything except the heat, I melted). I never take advantage of my drone when I should, it’s a process and draws unwanted attention at times so I just dont bring it out. Then I see pictures like yours and it makes me want to go outside RIGHT NOW and fly it haha

    1. Ahaha! We traveled with the drone for more than a year and you are right, not always easy to carry around such expensive gear. But we are very happy with the results we had, still, we should go through thousands of pictures and videos and publish them all! 🙂

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