We’ll Never Look At That Scarf With The Same Eyes

We never thought how difficult and time consuming can be weaving your own fabric. In San Cristobal De Las Casas we decided to attend a super intense loom course of 12h. At Punto y Trama, located in the historical center, you can find different options. We choose the “telar de cintura” with Lupita.
Telar de cintura is a traditional way of weaving and women in this area spend most of their time producing amazing pieces using this technique. Looking these ladies weaving colored threads like a delicate dance is beautiful. Our approach to the loom wasn’t as delicate as theirs, and we struggled a lot for making just a tiny piece of fabric 😅
From now on we are way more conscious about all the work that is behind one single scarf. Looking forward to finish ours, we will keep you posted!