The Ultimate Female Packing List: One Year Later

After more than 365 days here we are again. This is the ultimate female packing list, one year later.

This female packing list is the result of an intense year of traveling around Europe, Canada, and Latin America. One year spent packing and unpacking every couple of days/weeks.

During this long period of time we learned a lot and about what is truly necessary while traveling and what we didn’t need. We shipped back to Italy some useless stuff and we left some other along the way.

In February 2018 we posted a similar article, today we are updating it.

Generally speaking, it is always better to travel light. It is important to have more freedom and flexibility, but also we don’t want to make laundry every single day or smell like a stinky dog πŸ™‚
This ultimate female packing list helps to choose your stuff thoughtfully, without renouncing to aesthetic.



The backpack will be your house for the next year and so, it is important to choose it thoughtfully and carefully.
Eagle Creek produces one of the most comfortable and well design backpacks in the market.

The Global Companion 65L for women with its book-style opening is the perfect companion for each travel lady out there.

This backpack is designed keeping in mind the woman’s body with a narrow shoulder strap and tilted hip belt for comfort. What makes the difference is that the backpack has multiple handles and can be grabbed from all the sides. But our favorite feature is the extra protection bag, that’s not merely a cover, but a waterproof bag that contains the entire backpack. It perfect for the rain and protects the bag from possible damage and dirt while on a plane or a bus.

In addition to the backpack, we strongly recommend purchasing organizers sets. These, from the same brand, are very robust and nice.



  • 5x – Pairs of underwear
  • 5x – Pairs of Socks (2x long, 2x short, 1x extra warm)
  • 2x – Bras
  • 1x – Sport Bras
  • 3x – Tank Tops (Good for summer & also an extra layer for cold weather)
  • 1x – Thermo tights
  • 2x – Short trousers
  • 1x – Long trousers
  • 1x – Waterproof trousers
  • 2x – Leggings (this is a MUST, they will become your best friends!)
  • 2x – Cotton T-shirts
  • 1x – Cotton t-shirts long sleeves
  • 2x – Dri fit t-shirts (1 tank top – 1 short sleeve)
  • 1x – Sweatshirts
  • 1x – Fleece hoodie
  • 1x – Flannel shirt
  • 1x – Cotton shirt short sleeves
  • 1x – Neck scarf
  • 1x – Wool hat
  • 1x – Pair of gloves
  • 1x – Lightweight waterproof jacket
  • 1x – Ultra light down (any of these are just perfect)
  • 1x – Skirt (you’ll never know)
  • 1x – Nice Blouses (again, you’ll never know!)
  • 1x – Maxi scarf (it can turn into a turban, scarf, towel, skirt…)
  • 1x – Bikini (you can mix & match it with your sports bra)
  • 1x – Sneakers
  • 1x – Hiking boots
  • 1x – Hiking sandals


  • 1x – Resistant long trousers
  • 1x – Cotton t-shirt
  • 1x – Fleece top
  • In the case of farm work you’ll need boots or expendable shoes


  • 1x – Universal 110/220 power adapter
  • 1x – Power Bank
  • 2x – iPhone charger (1x – Long lightning cable / 1x – short lightning cable)
  • 1x – Laptop + charger
  • 1x – eReader + charger (USB to Micro USB cable)
  • 1x – iPod shuffle


  • 1x – Sunglasses
  • 1x – Termo water bottle
  • 1x – Pocket knife
  • 2x – Padlocks
  • 1x – Inflatable neck pillow
  • 1x – Needle & thread kit
  • 3x – Carabiners
  • 1x – Lightweight sleeping bag 15Β°
  • 1x – Customized enamel mug
  • 1x – Waterproof pouch backpack
  • 2x – Pens
  • 1x – Pencil
  • 1x – Notebook
  • 1x – Headlamp
  • 1x – Secret fanny pack
  • 1x – Playing cards
  • 1x – Cable organizer


  • 1x – Basics makeup kit (mascara + concealer + blush)
  • 1x – Razor
  • 1x – Toothpaste
  • 1x – Toothbrush
  • 1x – Lip balm
  • 1x – Deodorant
  • 1x – Pack of cleansing wipes
  • 1x – Nail clipper
  • 1x – Microfiber towel
  • 1x – Comb
  • 1x – Pocket mirror


  • 1x – Pack of tampons
  • 1x – Pack of a sanitary napkin
  • 1x – Pack of Antibiotic
  • 1x – Pack of Contraceptives
  • 1x – Pack of Painkiller
  • 1x – Arnica cream
  • 1x – Pack of Aspirine
  • 1x – Pack of Plasters
  • 1x – Sunscreen
  • 1x – Pack of Anti-diarrhea
  • 1x – Mosquito repellent
  • 1x – Thermometer
  • 1x – Tea tree oil (works on almost anything)



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  1. Wow! I just love how everything in that long list fit in the bag. I have bookmarked this post for my next trip. Thanks for sharing.

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