Motivational Short Stories

This post is about some motivational short stories we have heard and some we remember. There is something deeply personal related to the people we meet, friends we already have and the beautiful experiences we lived.



There are so many reasons why we decided to give this spot to a few people we know that also made this twist in their lives. First, we consider this an act of courage as it’s difficult what we are about to do. Secondly, we are pretty sure we will meet lots of people along our journey who did the same and last, this is probably what we will end up doing in the future.

In the popular imagination, going back to the land means living a simpler life. We think it is not necessarily like that. From a purely entrepreneurial perspective, you sill have a boss, which is Mother Nature, you have to deal with unpredictable events and there are no days off when the responsibility of an entire farm is on your shoulders. We already know this pretty well because both our fathers are farmers and we have experienced the good and the bad of this lifestyle. We’ll never forget what it was like harvesting grapes under a storm or celebrating New Year’s Eve in the barn by honoring the birth of a foal.

In addition to our fathers, we would like to mention Marco from Ornina Winery. Marco, together with his sister Claudia renewed their farm and winery offering a tasteful organic wine. Marco, in particular, is a good example of a young entrepreneur. He left his house close to Florence and embraced this new way of life with passion and determination. Marco, driven by curiosity, one day reached Agnese’s house just to know who was the author of that perfect vineyard. Since that day Marco is collaborating with Giuseppe (Agnese’s father) in the winemaking process, but he actually became a new member of the family. He has all of our esteem.

The last story related to this section is Cascina Barabàn. Casina Barabàn is a farm situated in a stunning location set amongst Liguria, Piedmont, and Lombardy. The Cascina is owned by Martina and Maurizio; we met this young couple two years ago at a local festival they organize every year: Boscadrà. It was upon entering their house was as if we had found that familiar feeling of being home. We enjoyed beautiful music, we ate delicious organic food and we drank tasty wine from our tin cup. Unfortunately, we didn’t talk a lot with the guys during the festival, but we chatted a bit afterward. Martina and Maurizio, respectively graphic designer and a pretty famous Italian rock singer, reinvented themselves as a farmer. What we like the most of their reality is the perseverance demonstrate and their personal way to be farmers with a creative entrepreneur approach. We literally fell in love with this vision of “social farming”. Check out their Facebook page.


Those motivational short stories are very personal to us. The people we will mention are either close friends or people we casually met and connected with. Before describing their experience we would like to thank them all because probably, without their contribution, we couldn’t have made this decision.

In our month trip to Patagonia, we stopped by Chili Kiwi hostel in Pucon, and it was the best choice we could have made, not only for the beautiful place (we slept on a treehouse) but mostly for the amazing people we met there. Sabina was the first person we met when we arrived at the hostel. It was a rainy foggy morning, we were exhausted and soaking wet. She welcomed us with a smile. We only spent two nights at the hostel but we click immediately. Sabina was the one who gave us the motivation to start this journey; furthermore, she introduces us to Workaway and similar platforms and she demonstrates to us that this is something possible. That we can make it. She is still traveling the world by the way. Check out her blog!

Hi sweetie! I know, real jobs suck!

We continuously find motivation thanks to our very close friends Emy and Cecco, we’ve been through a lot together. They were our hiking mates for the last few years. However, in this precise moment, they are in Malawi doing their amazing Workaway experience as designers for a renewable energy agency. Emy and Cecco started their journey approximately eight months ago; like us, they had to quit their job, left their apartment in Milan and go through all the difficulties this decision has. No-one knows our emotions as they do, they lived precisely the same circumstances just a few months before us.
What makes them so great is that they are really passionate about their job and are willing to share their skills with the aim of making the world a better place. That’s why we think they are such an inspirational example for us. We are sure we will do something together one day.

From those motivational short stories made of people, we take encouragement for moving forward. They give us motivation when we are down and push us in doing better and travel toward the world.


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