The Most Inspiring Travel Sources: Books, Movies & Blogs

This collection of inspiring travel sources is a result of a perfect mix of things we deeply love and practical advice we discovered. Some of them were part of our lives way before we even decided we wanted to leave. Some others – on the other hand – are a consequence of the thorough research we started after this idea begins to actually take shape. We hope these examples may be both inspirational and useful for you as much as they were for us.



It may sound ordinary but we would like to start this list with “Into The Wild”. We are not only referring to the movie directed by Sean Penn and its beautiful soundtrack by Eddie Vedder. We also loved the book, a beautiful analysis written by Jon Krakauer.
We challenge anyone to prove that they didn’t get passionate about the story of Chris McCandless aka Alexander Supertramp, either you consider him a fool or a hero.

Two Icelandic road workers are the protagonists of “Á annan veg”(Either Way). A low budget movie that takes place in the countryside of Iceland in the early 1980s.
Basically, it’s a film about two very different individuals, with no one but each other for company. Finnbogi feels perfectly at home in the pristine Icelandic landscape while Alfreð is still very connected with society and the social life in the city. Besides this, we think that it’s refreshing to see a movie where problems can’t be resolved by technology, in a world where people still send letters.

One of the main purposes of our journey is to re-establish a proper scale with Nature. This is what we found in the exhibition “Fotografie dai grandispazi” by Walter Bonatti. We were so impressed to see the author,  Walter Bonatti lost in incredibly vast landscapes.
Bonatti has been considered one of the last explorers of the modern era. A period in which there was still something to discover on the mainland. He went from being an extreme mountaineer he started a collaboration with “Epoca” magazine as a photo reporter. He allowed all the Italian population to follow his adventures in every corner of the world.

The book “The Traveller: Notes From an Imperfect Journey Around the World” written by Daniel Baylis is probably what inspired us the most. Daniel like us gave up his job and his rented apartment to tackle one of his biggest dreams – travel the world. He has an objective to not only see places but also to experience them along with their people.


We are absolutely in love with Alex Strohl. He is not only for his ability to capture amazing landscapes but mostly for the places he visited, he just went to any place we would like to go. Visiting his Instagram profile is like living his experiences in real life, you just feel part of the journey. We definitely consider him an amazing photographer, a talented video maker, and an extraordinary adventurer.

Matthew Kepnes and Matthew Karsten, also known as Nomadic Matt and Expert Vagabond are two of the most famous travel bloggers. They share a similar story. Both decided to drop everything and travel the world. Now they represent a benchmark for every wannabe travel bloggers, and we are no exception.

Nomadic Matt, after a revealing trip, decided to make a job out of his passion. He visited almost the entire planet and he published (and still does) many interesting guides that can be bought online for a reasonable price. Our story, if possible, is more similar to the one of Expert Vagabond, he suddenly decided to pursue his dream and explore the world.

One day I just decided to stop dreaming, and start doing.

He mixes usual touristic routes with more adventurous activities such as glacier hiking, skydiving, and canoeing.



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