Herencia A Farmer-Owned Chocolate Company. Eat Chocolate Responsibly

Are you a chocolate lover like Agnese? Have you ever eaten fair trade chocolate? Well, …we want to tell Herencia’s story, a farmer-owned Ecuadorian chocolate company, and let you know why it is important to eat chocolate responsibly.

During our visit to Ecuador, thanks to our friend Silvia, we came across the brand Herencia. A small company that produces one of the best chocolate we have ever tried.
We loved it so much that we stock a whole box and brought it back home. It’s not only for its delicious taste, but we also wanted to help this beautiful project. Thanks to their story we finally understood how important is to support local farmers and eat chocolate responsibly.


Cocoa plays a very important role in Ecuador’s history and economy. Ecuador produces only 4% of the world production of cocoa. At the same time, it is responsible for 70% of fine upper-class cocoa. Of the planet.
As it happens with the wine, cocoa has many flavors and qualities. So, probably the most expensive and tasty chocolate present in the market is from this beautiful country.

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Cocoa, as well as many other products from South America, are affected by issues related to sustainability and worker’s labor. So, every time you drink a cup of coffee, eat an avocado toast or a piece of chocolate it is always a good idea to learn about its origins. We suggest reading the labels to make sure you are getting the product you want.

Well…Herencia suits all the standards we believe in.
Herencia is a Farmed-owned chocolate company located in the northern region of Esmeraldas, in the middle of the equatorial line. For its tropical weather and variety of altitudes, it’s the perfect place to make each cacao bean so flavorful.
This is why Herencia chocolate is so fine and rich.
The company handles only certified organic crops, avoiding pesticides. The aim is preserving the health of the land, its inhabitants and the final customers.


This project was possible thanks to the collaboration of local organizations and Fondazione Acra. An Italian ONG that operates in different countries with the aim of combating poverty through sustainable, innovative and participatory solutions.
As shown on their website, Fondazione Acra declares:

Herencia, is the result of a project to promote an integrated chain of aromatic, organic and fair-trade fine cocoa, for Esmeralda’s producers. It is based on Gender Equality and Women Empowerment (GEWE) and environmental sustainability.

For all these reasons and more we think that it is so important to eat chocolate responsibly.

At the moment, unfortunately, it is possible to buy this chocolate only in Ecuador. Hopefully, soon it will be possible to buy it online too.



6 Replies to “Herencia A Farmer-Owned Chocolate Company. Eat Chocolate Responsibly

  1. Very well said! It’s so important we as travellers source ethically created souviners and products during our travels!!

  2. Love a great bar of top quality chocolate! Enjoyed your article about organic and fair-trade chocolate production in Ecuador 🙂

  3. Oh I agree to Fair Trade Chocolate. Its delicious and usually gluten free (most important for me) It also tastes better.

  4. Love this chocolate , the natural taste of cacao and the bitter to sweet savour the palette. Thank you for bring the taste across the regions to us . We are very fortunate.

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