Get Rid Of The Unnecessary • How To Travel Longer

If you are about to decide to quit and leave, be ready to get rid of the unnecessary. When you travel around the world, most of the things you have suddenly feels unnecessary (well, unless you rent a truck). Ours is not the case 🙂 Soon we will be ready to weigh anchor and leave with just one backpack. That’s right, just a backpack!

You know, living far from your hometown always means hoarding sooo many things. The apartment we lived in for the past two years was completely empty when we first got in and we had to buy basically everything: furniture, pot, and pans, domestic appliances, books, and prints. We even bought some old cinema chairs and a vintage chalkboard! Everything needed to go. In short: a nightmare!
Bring all back to our parents was not an option. The only chance was to organize our own garage sale.


That’s what we did, and we named it “Fuck this shit, we quit”. It was a semi-private event, friends of friends were invited so, at the end of the day, our former belongings will be held by people we love.
In order to draw to people’s attention, we baked delicious cakes and biscuits and we offered herbal teas and wine.

The smartest move would be not to over think and just sell everything. Think of it this way: every item you sell means more time on the road.

A successful garage sale requires a huge effort, activities, like pricing every single item or selecting the things to keep and the ones to sell, are very stressful. We couldn’t do it without the help of a couple of friends.
At the end of the day our effort has paid off, we sold so many things that we couldn’t organize the second edition as planned previously. Moreover, for the entire day, our house was overwhelmed with love and affection from our friends and people who were there to support us.

It was both a sad and exciting day but, above all, it was helpful. Get rid of the unnecessary increased our awareness of what we were about to do. This was one of the first steps of our new minimalistic life.


  • Set your items neatly
  • Price every item with a big bold neon-colored sticker
  • Mark as “not on sale” the things you want to keep
  • Create an event on Facebook so your friends can share the invitation
  • Post pictures of your merchandise to amp the hype
  • Tell your neighbors about your event
  • Offer some drinks and snacks to your guests
  • Keep plastic grocery bags and old newspapers on hand
  • Make sure you get enough change in advance
  • Think about special discounts for multiple sells
  • Don’t drown your sorrows in shopping 🙂



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