Wonderful Beaches Around Puerto Escondido You Can’t Miss

Oaxaca state has a stunning coastline and Puerto Escondido is the perfect location to explore all its wonderful beaches. Puerto Escondido, also thanks to its nominee to one of the 52 must-visit spots by the New York Times, is becoming more and more popular. But what makes this little town so special is all the wonderful beaches around it.

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With its 4km length, Playa Zicatela is the most famous beach in Puerto Escondido. Considered one of the top ten surfing destinations, it can be dangerous for non-pro surfers. This beach anyway offers plenty of activities also for us, mere mortals, like jogging, getting tanned, or walking the dog. P.s. If you don’t have one there are plenty of lovely street dogs that can be yours for a while.


It has been our house for a little while, so we have a deeper connection with it. Located at the southeast end of Playa Zicatela, it is a good surfing spot for beginners. This is the perfect beach for relaxing and enjoy the beautiful landscape. Waves can be a bit strong to swim in, but still is a good place to hang out.

At the very end of the beach, there is a promontory overlooking the ocean, where sometimes jugglers celebrate the sunset playing with flaming bolas. You carefully can go to the other side, our suggestion is to not climb over but wait for the wave to let you walk through an opening in the rocks. Another incredible beach is waiting for you. Very quiet and stunning. We went there in the morning and nobody was around. Don’t miss it!


These are two beautiful beaches around Puerto Escondido that you absolutely have to visit. They share a small bay, protected from the sea’s strength, so there are not many waves and the water is really warm. No jokes, the warmest ocean water EVER.

We spent a few hours in Puerto Angelito, but you could stay there an entire day! You can order fresh coco (30 Pesos) from one of the “comedores” in the waterfront. This allows you to get some shade and leave your stuff while you go for some snorkeling. Is not rare to see fishermen coming back with their boats carrying the freshest fish ever. Guys at the comedores will be more than happy to cook it for you!


Located in a reasonable walking distance from Puerto Angelito there is Playa Carrizalillo. This is probably the most beautiful beach around Puerto Escondido. After 15 minutes walk, you will arrive at a steep stairway, right in front of the ocean. The view from there is breathtaking. After a few pictures from the top is time to get down. The beach is surrounded by beautiful palm trees, the sand is golden and the water incredibly blue.

This is the perfect place to learn how to surf. The bay has the perfect conditions for surfing beginners and sometimes advanced surfers. Here you can find a few surfing schools. In one side of the beach, there is a freshwater well, so if like Mich you hate the sensation of having salt on your skin, you can quickly wash it out. Before leaving this paradise don’t forget to order one fresh Corona beer from one of the kiosks.


Getting here can be a little hard, the entrance is not very visible and you actually have to enter through an opening in the jersey barrier aside from the road, where there is a clear sign that says “not enter”. Someone told us that the sign was handwritten by the owner of the hotel next to the beach. This is because then you have to walk through the hotel and they have the possibility to sell you stuff. Anyway, once you overpass the “no entry” sign, you have to walk through the bushes in a little sandy path, until you get down to the beach. In the end, we don’t feel like to recommend it. The place is nice, with a curved palm tree and you may be the only one there, but there is a semi-abandoned hotel/restaurant right on the beach, that makes it less enjoyable.


This is another beach around Puerto Escondido that we are attached to. We went there with some friends to release baby turtles into the sea. VIVEMAR is a non-profit organization that works for many years in saving those lovely creatures. By paying 100 pesos you can release few of them, using a coconut shell, and wait until they get to the sea. It’s incredible how they all immediately start walking toward the ocean.

They’re so vulnerable and you have to protect them by throwing small sand balls to the crabs that will try to catch them. We felt so happy about this experience. Strongly recommended.


Mazunte is definitely less popular than Puerto Escondido but we fell in love with this hidden paradise. With its beautiful coastline, Mazunte is located approximately one hour by bus from Puerto Escondido. Minibusses leave every 30 min from the bus stop located across the street of Chedraui Supermarket in Puerto Escondido. Tell to the driver that you are going to Mazunte and ask to drop you off at Las Cruces de San Antonio. From there you can take a taxi or a colectivo.

Mazunte will blow your mind, it has turquoise sandy beaches that you can’t miss.  Playa Mazunte, Playa Rinconcito, and San Agustinillo are the main beaches we visited and we can not tell you which one is our favorite. They are located at a walking distance one from the other. San Augustinillo is a bit further, but you can stop by the Pizzeria La Termita and enjoy one of the most delicious pizzas in the whole of Mexico.

Mazunte offers also beautiful trekking to Punta Cometa. Go there for the sunrise or sunset you can see both from there!


As you can see Oaxaca is definitely our favorite Mexican state. It has a bit of everything we were searching for in our adventure: delicious food, warm people, wild mountains and stunning coastline. If you ever decide to visit Mexico don’t miss to spend a few days in Oaxaca and explore all the beautiful beaches around Puerto Escondido.

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  1. I’ve been there such a long time ago and LOVED it! Your post reminded me of how special and beautiful this place is! Thanks so much!

    1. Isn’t preserving memories a big component of blogging?! We loved this area of Mexico so much as well. Wish to go back there one day ☺️

  2. I come from a country famous for its beaches but honestly these are just stunning! Definitely adding to my Mexico itinerary!

  3. haven’t made it there yet but hopefully, after all this mess, I will get to see this in person 🙂

  4. STUNNING! You’re making us pine for a Mexican beach getaway, especially after over 100 days in quarantine. Thank you for these few moments of escape!

    1. This quarantine has been hard for all of us. I am glad I made you dream ☺️

  5. Sigh! I would happily be able to spend some time on those beaches! But thanks for sharing your experience and information with us.

    1. These beaches are paradise on earth. Still remember the freshness of that cold coconut water. Mmm…

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