We are Agnese and Michele. We are two backpack travelers and this blog is focused on providing precious advice for planning your next trip. You will find a collection of thoughts, pictures, adventures, and failures — the overall story of our journey around the world. Learn with us how to travel cheaper, longer and better.


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This travel blog is a collection of our thoughts, our beautiful pictures, our videos, our adventures, our failures, our triumphs, our tips. In short: the overall story of our amazing journey around the world. The aim of this page is to tell our story while traveling. We think it might be interesting and useful for other adventurers or other soon-to-be adventurers. You will find all the good and the bad experiences — with nothing omitted!


In every trip we did, we were always looking for a more conscious and immersive experience, so being holiday backpackers wasn’t enough. As a result, we decided to jump into this new adventure. Sure, you can call us backpack travelers. (We do not want to give false expectations!) In reality, this was a f**king tough decision to make. It was the most courageous choice we have ever made, and we definitely shed some tears. We know the web has plenty of professional travel blogs, many of which were very inspiring for us. But we felt something was missing: tangible experiences from ordinary people willing to risk leaving everything behind.


We tend to introduce ourselves as multidisciplinary designers. What does this mean? Well, during the day we do a bunch of different things, and we apply this idea of “multidiscipline” as a mindset for living. Now we are professional backpack travelers.

Michele is the perfect handyman, he has many skills in building, making and fixing things with extreme precision. Woodworking and carpentry are his forte. He also has a green thumb and some skills in pottery! Agnese is a contagiously smiley person who loves to cook for guests — friends of friends of friends are always invited. She sews tailor-made clothing, she knits and plants flowers that Michele looks after.

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As promised we are traveling as far as we can use the map to find us here and there. Follow our journey and be inspired by our adventures.
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