Volcano Acatenango πŸŒ‹ We Reached The Highest Peak Ever

Last weekend we climbed Volcano Acatenango. With its 3.976 m Volcano Acatenango is the highest peak we have ever reached. After few days of rest we can say that it was absolutely incredible, but it is hard to forget how tough it was to get to the top. Imagine walking uphill for 5 to 6 hours, have a bit of rest and wake up at 3 am for an extra hour and half of steep sandy path. Add to this mountain sickness and this is more or less what we experienced. The beautiful part is that you mostly walk with an amazing view. Beside corn fields, then trough the clouds and in the end admiring the eruptions of the Volcan de Fuego. The campground is right in front of the active volcano, that will constantly (and loudly) erupt lava. The sunset is breath taking, and the sunrise is that incredible that it’s hard to explain with words. Volcano Acatenango in Guatemala is definitely one of the most exciting experience we have ever done. A long post with all the detail is on the list πŸ™‚

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