Giant Kites For Dias De Los Muertos!

Yes, we said Giant Kites, and this was in Sumpango, Guatemala.

Leave Mexico during Dias De Los Muertos may sounds weird, and we would have loved to dress as calaveras, 💀but we found something way more unique!

According to Guatemalan culture, flying a kite is a way to honor and get closer to your dears. In Sumpango, north of Antigua, they take it so seriously that they build up giant kites, so big that they can’t even fly!

Groups of local people work on them for the previous 6 months, gluing together pieces of colored paper, in order to make astonishing pictures. Then they assembly these giant kites on the ground of the soccer field and rise them up, using just ropes and bamboo posts. The process of pulling up those giant kites, up to 20m tall, with strong wind is spectacular and sometime dangerous. Of course, in the meanwhile, dozens of kites from 20cm to few meters were flying all over the field.
Don’t know if flying a drone means something for Guatemalan culture, but of course we did it 😊 We will post the video soon.