Chuckwagons, Cowboys And Country Music In Northern Alberta

What is more western than a chuckwagons race?! Well… we saw one of it and everything was as we imagined. People were wearing Cowboy hats and boots, the trucks were serving hamburger and fried onions, children (and Jerry) were enjoying pies with ice cream and the speakers were playing country music. Three chuckwagons were racing at the same time. The race consists of making a figure 8 around two barrel ostacles and than run as hell around the arena. If your hat doesn’t fly away, well… you’re not fast enough! Chuckwagons can be big or small, with two a four horses. The bigger the wagon is, the harder is the figure 8. Bigger wagons means mess of barrels and skittish horses. Some little shows entertaing the crowd. Two extra flexible girls did some tricks while gallopping and an auction declared the future sponsors of ithe next race. So much fun!

HERE our suggested soundtrack!